Nachgefragt 13 Fragen/Aussagen an, von und mit Christina Pickard

Christina Pickard Today I switch to English again, because I’m very happy to have the lovely and charming Christina Pickard at „drunkenmonday asks“. Born and grew up in the Fingerlakes wine region of upstate New York, Christina moved to London 9 1/2 years ago to follow up with her new love: wine. She worked as a professional actress until she fell in love with the beverage we are all crazy about. Now her life is totally spinning around wine: She works as a wine presenter in the TV (in the BBC Good Food Channel’s flagship show „Market Kitchen“ for instance) and radio shows (Co-Hoster of „the Crush“) and also as a professional voiceover artist, lending her voice to documentaries, adverts, etc. Her wine knowledge is not only proved by her charm and charisma on TV, she also gained certifications in the intermediate and advanced level Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). In the meantime, she travels around the world to discover new and intersting wine regions, speak directly to winemakers to finally get a very deep understanding of all the little secrets around the wine world. A video review of a wine from Giorgio Clai was the reason why I got in contact with her. Anyway, here are Christinas answers and thoughts to our 13 questions. As usual, her answers in bold:

1.) Drink more Weiterlesen