Nachgefragt 13 Fragen/Aussagen an, von und mit Christina Pickard

Christina Pickard Today I switch to English again, because I’m very happy to have the lovely and charming Christina Pickard at „drunkenmonday asks“. Born and grew up in the Fingerlakes wine region of upstate New York, Christina moved to London 9 1/2 years ago to follow up with her new love: wine. She worked as a professional actress until she fell in love with the beverage we are all crazy about. Now her life is totally spinning around wine: She works as a wine presenter in the TV (in the BBC Good Food Channel’s flagship show „Market Kitchen“ for instance) and radio shows (Co-Hoster of „the Crush“) and also as a professional voiceover artist, lending her voice to documentaries, adverts, etc. Her wine knowledge is not only proved by her charm and charisma on TV, she also gained certifications in the intermediate and advanced level Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). In the meantime, she travels around the world to discover new and intersting wine regions, speak directly to winemakers to finally get a very deep understanding of all the little secrets around the wine world. A video review of a wine from Giorgio Clai was the reason why I got in contact with her. Anyway, here are Christinas answers and thoughts to our 13 questions. As usual, her answers in bold:

1.) Drink more wine from sustainble winemakers who respect their land, and strive to make wines that reflect that land.

2.) Armageddon Scenario: My last bottle of wine would be … I can’t choose just one! Any of the top wines from Roagna, Ornellaia, Cousin, Roc des Anges, Littorai, Donkey & Goat, or Felton Road…or a good Brunello … with the hubby, my family, and my best friend-the people I love most in the world.

3.) My first WoW-wine was a pinot noir from Trefethen Vineyards in Napa — I don’t remember the vintage or know if I’d even still like it today, but it was the first wine that made me sit up and think, ‘damn, I really like this stuff!!’

4.) I had the most evil hangover after drinking: Like Allen, I seriously regretted consuming vast quantities of Absolut Vodka—the flavoured kind—mandarin and citrus or something!

5.) The most stupid prejudice of wine is: it’s a stuffy drink that only posh, dithering old men can drink and talk about and enjoy.

6.) Without any wine I would now be still treading the boards as a struggling actress and singer.

7.) Winegimmick: I could not live without my Spiegelau glasses and Pulltaps corkscew anymore.

8.) Wine and cigarettes is a no-go.

9.) Mum and dad would not be very happy if I was still living off them nowadays.

10.) I would love to drink one glass of wine too much with: Jamie Oliver.

11.) The younger wine consumer market (20-30 year olds) should get much more attention.

12.) Champagne (some of it!) is totally overrated.

13.) A wine blog in general is only as good as the blogger!

Thank you so much for your answers Christina! The „Absolut Vodka Hang-Over“ story is pretty popular, I think we already had two or three people @ „drunkenmonday asks“ raving about the hang-over qualities of Absolut Vodka. I totally agree on you that some (mainly the „big ones“) Champagne is overrated. It’s mostly about drining a brand – and nothing else. The 20 – 30 year old wine consumer is a pretty interesting market group. Drunkenmonday is actively working on getting this people better connected to the wine scene: One of our members is hosting a wine/house party with young vintners presenting their wine + a House Music concept. Maybe Ornellaia will join as well? 😉 Thanks again Christina! Drunkenmonday wishs you all the best for your ongoing career! Cheers!

Christina Pickards website:

-> more of „Drunkenmonday asks“

Nachgefragt ist die Mittwochsserie des Drunkenmonday Weinblogs für die 13 unernste aber unterhaltsame Fragen/Aussagen an bekannte, minder bekannte oder unbekannte Menschen aus dem Weinbusiness geschickt werden, mit der Bitte, dies in ganzen Wörtern, Sätzen oder Prosa auszufüllen. Quasi gezwungene Interaktivität. 😉


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