Nachgefragt 13 Fragen/Aussagen an, von und mit Tim Atkin, MW

Tim Atkin MW(NM) We switch to English again. I’m very proud today to have another Master of Wine answering our 13 questions at „Nachgefragt @ drunkenmonday“. It’s no other than the English wine writer Tim Atkin! Tim recently generated buzz in the German wine scene by organizing a world wide Pinot Noir blind tasting/battle with selected German participants – with one very impressive result: the German Pinots rivals nearly all of them! This tasting showed again the (world) class of German Pinot on a global scale! To give you a short overview about Tim in person and his daily business, here is a quota from his web page:

I’m an award-winning wine writer and Master of Wine with 25 years’ experience. I write for a number of publications, including The World of Fine Wine, OLN, Intelligent Life and Woman and Home, appear regularly on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen and run my own wine school in London. I am a co-chairman of the International Wine Challenge, the world’s most rigorously judged blind tasting competition, and have won over 20 awards for my journalism. So far, I don’t have a red nose to show for it…

If you want to know more in detail about Tim’s vitae, check out his web page – this is quite impressive! The ruls for „Drunkenmonday asked“ are still the same: We asked, Tim answered in bold. Here we go.

1.) Drink more wines with a true sense of place!

2.) Armageddon Scenario: My last bottle of wine would be a La Tâche with my wife.

3.) My first WoW-wine was a 1976 Prüm Riesling.

4.) I had the most evil hangover after drinking too much gin on my 18th birthday.

5.) The most stupid prejudice of wine is believing that the Napa Valley makes world class wines.

6.) Without any wine I would now be a trick cyclist.

7.) Winegimmick: I could not live without wine-searcher anymore.

8.) Wine and boring wine collectors (not drinkers) is a no-go.

9.) Mum and dad would not be very happy if I were an accountant nowadays.

10.) I would love to drink one glass of wine too much with Keith Jarrett.

11.) The wines of the Roussillon should get much more attention.

12.) Helen Turley is totally overrated.

13.) A wine blog in general is only as good as the person writing it.

First of all: Tim, thank you very much for your answers. To be honest, Drunkenmonday haven’t spend much time in getting into the Roussillon area yet, but the 2010 Gauby „Les Calcinaires“ Blanc I had recently was a very nice example of an interesting and a kind of different white wine. Wine-searcher is a great and powerful tool. The equal in Germany is I also need to admit that I never heard of Keith Jarrett at all, but listening to his „The Köln Concert“ made me understand why you want meet him for a glass of wine or ten. Wow – what a Piano illusionist! (Unfortunately) I could not say anything as good about Helen Turley. I never had any of her wines. Did I miss something? Good question. Maybe boring wine collectors know this better! And a 1976 J.J. Prüm Riesling as your first „wow“-wine? Well life can be worse sometimes! Cheers Tim!

Here you can find some other „Drunkenmonday asks“ in English:

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Nachgefragt ist die Mittwochsserie des Drunkenmonday Weinblogs für die 13 unernste aber unterhaltsame Fragen/Aussagen an bekannte, minder bekannte oder unbekannte Menschen aus dem Weinbusiness geschickt werden, mit der Bitte, dies in ganzen Wörtern, Sätzen oder Prosa auszufüllen. Quasi gezwungene Interaktivität 😉


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