Nachgefragt 13 Fragen/Aussagen an, von und mit Ilkka Sirén

Ilkka Siren(NM) Viini on kuin luotu juovaan ei maistajaisia varten! Hopefully this English-Finnish-English translator didn’t fail and the first sentence makes any kind of sense (to all the Finish speaking people out there). Anyway. It’s Wednesday again and „Drunkenmonday asks“ delivers with a new episode! Our guest today is the finish wine-video-blogger and founder of ViiniTV Ilkka Sirén. Together with his buddy Arto Koskelo he managed one of the most different wine video blogs in the wine 2.0. If you want to know how Habenero and wine pairs, how to spit in a watering can or what happens when you mix Prosecco and a popping candy you shout seek out this interesting little wine video project. With no suprice, ViiniTV was lately ranked number one wine blog in Finland! Ilkka also started the #fortifiedfriday initiative, to force fortified wines like Port, Sherry or Madeira! Due to the fact that Ilkka is very addicted to traveling, he had some appearance in the German wine 2.0 scene – as a guest of Hendrik Thomas TVino for instance. The logical consequence: his 2 cent now on Nachgefragt@drunkenmonday.

The easy rules: We asked, Ilkka answered in bold.

1.) Drink more Weiterlesen