Nachgefragt 13 Fragen/Aussagen an, von und mit Jancis Robinson MW

Jancis Robinson
Today in English!

(NM) Well, where should I start. Drunkenmonday is highly honored to have Jancis Robinson MW responding and answering the 13 questions and statements for our blog category „nachgefragt„. Jancis is without any doubt one of the most influential and powerful characters in the wine world. Her „Oxford Companion to wine“ is now in the 3rd edition, but she is also author of a couple of other books, declared as milestones of wine writing. A full list of her books can be found here. But Jancis is not only famous for her success in the traditional writing medias, she is also playing a bigger and bigger role in the online wine scene: for instance together with Gary Vaynerchuk in his wine video blog WinelibraryTV (see the video below the text), at twitter, or online tasting notes. She acts as an omnipresent wizard in the wine world. Here are her two cents about our „nachgefragt“ thirst for knowledge.

The rules: Our text in standard, Jancis notes in bold. Here you go.

1.) Drink more Weiterlesen


Gary Vaynerchuk lud ein: Thunder Cruise 2009

(NM) Zu allererst muss ich sagen: Diese Reise/Cruise war wohl die bisher Beste in meinem Leben! Unglaubliche Erlebnisse gepaart mit grandiosen Weintastings, großartige Landschaften und ein perfekter Gastgeber auf einem der besten Kreuzfahrtschiffe: MSC Orchestra – das will ersteinmal getoppt werden!