Nachgefragt 13 Fragen/Aussagen an, von und mit Eric LeVine

Eric LeVine, the founder of Maybe you are not familiar with the name Eric LeVine, but you are very familiar with the web page he is hosting : – if not the most important free „wine tracking online cellar managing world dominating“ database in the web. Taken from the web site:

„Since its launch in 2004, registration has grown to 111,000 members. On a typical day, you are tracking (adding or removing) more than 19,000 bottles for a total of 19.2 million bottles. The database includes more than 864,000 wines from 64,000 producers, easily one of the largest in the world. The CellarTracker community has also emerged as an abundant source of wine reviews with more than 1,500 wines reviewed in a typical day for a total of 1,470,000 wine reviews, all written by you, real wine enthusiasts. Peer or ‘amateur’ reviews are not a replacement for those written by professional critics, but you are generating as many reviews in six days as Robert Parker publishes in an entire year. You have created the largest collection of wine reviews in the world, all freely available for the wine-loving community to enjoy. The site is has also become one of the most heavily visited wine websites with 25 million page views per month from hundreds of thousands of unique visitors. The bottom line is that with each new user, CellarTracker gets more useful for everyone. All of this is a testament to the passion that wine inspires and the power of community, core principles of CellarTracker from its inception.“

Impressive stats! Eric is also working on CellarTracker Beta, a new designed frontend of the CellarTracker database, truly wine 2.0. A very interesting (and long) biography about the founder of CellarTracker can be found here. As a real wine and web 2.0 person, we are very proud to have his 2 cent on our 13 questions around and about wine:

1.) Drink more Weiterlesen