Nachgefragt 13 Fragen/Aussagen an, von und mit „the Burghound“ Allen Meadows

Erica and Allen Meadows (NM) When it comes to the wines of Burgundy, there is really no alternative in terms of passion, knowledge and excitement to Allen Meadows. He spends more than four months a year visiting, researching, tasting, exploring and evaluating Burgundy! Since 2001 he is publishing quarterly review of the wines out this remarkably area on He is delivering content to the subscribers of his issues in more than 50 countries and nearly all 50 US states. Beside Burgundy, he covers Pinot Noir from Oregon and California as well. Actually, we are very glad to see that German Spätburgunder is getting more and more of his attention at the moment, after he is hosting a tasting in Singapore called „The rise of Spätburgunder – German Pinot Noir the equal of Burgundy“ in April this year. Our thanks also go to Allens lovely wife Erica Meadows, helping us to get in contact with him and finally get Allens thoughts on our 13 questions and statements.

After Jancis Robinson and Mark Squires we are very proud and excited to have Allen Meadows on „Nachgefragt @ drunkenmonday„.

So here we go: Allens answers as usual in bold.

1.) Drink more Weiterlesen