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Von den Machern des Street Food Thursday: Ein Nachtmarkt. Serviert werden handgemachte Drinks von 7 der besten Berliner Mixologen, Brauer und Sommeliers. Jeden Freitag & Samstag im März:

„The Bar Market is to artisanal drinks what Street Food Thursday is to international street food. A new way for hungry and thirsty Berliners to enjoy & experience the gastronomic revolution in their City!

Starting on Friday March 7th, and every Friday and Saturday for one month only, six local drink entrepreneurs will serve up their creations alongside a food stand with six dishes to match. (See end for list of drinks vendors) Among the six drinks stands, you’ll find a collection of Berlin’s best craft beer brewers headed up by Markthalle Neun’s own Heidenpeters, an expert sampling of German Rieslings handpicked by the previous sommelier at Pauly Saal Helen Mol, and a “classics cocktail bar” brought to you by some of the team behind one of Berlin’s most beloved bars, Würgeengel. Strolling from one vendor to the next, you will be able to sample an array of Berlin’s best boozy beverages. If you get hungry (and you no doubt will) a single food stand will play host to a local chef serving up six dishes—one to go with each drink. The month-long Bar Market will take place in a 300 sqm room on the first floor of the Senatsreservespeicher, an historical industrial building that will soon be no more.“


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