Gastbeitrag: Ana Stoddart’s focus on Argentine wines!

Argentiniens WeinregionenNach der aufschlussreichen Malbec und Torrontes Probe vor ein paar Wochen, nun ein Wort der reizenden Hosterin, Ana Stoddart.

Dear Wine lovers,

I am really excited today to be with here with the Drunken Monday’s Blog and share with you all a little glimpse of ARGENTINE WINE!

Argentina is the 5th largest wine producer country and its wine culture dates from far away when the Spaniards conquest South America. Since the beginnings it has been a blessing beverage, as it was originally used for the holly mess, but nowadays it is highly regarded worldwide for its outstanding characteristics and quality. It is commonly remarked that Argentina has one the best climatic and soil conditions for a wine production.

Argentina is a country of great abundance with large extension of land from the Andean Mountains to the extended Pampas fertile soils and reaching out to the Atlantic Sea. Its enchanting wine landscapes expand from Salta in the North to Patagonia in the South and boarding all the Andean provinces. It definitely is a land with passionate people, breathtaking landscapes and magnificent nature, an exciting nightlife and lot’s of entertainment. A place where one can easily find a blend of melodies of Tango, great gaucho style asados, juicy stakes, football and lots of other typical Argentina features. All this make Argentina one of the most beautiful and attractive wine region destinations and of course provides a perfect pairing to enjoy the Argentine experience with an aromatic and delicious glass of wine.

I know that many of you think of Argentina and instantly recall a gorgeous and rich body glass of Malbec! This varietal has proven to be a great success icon of the Argentina’s Viticulture and several different styles of it can be found in the local market. In fact, it is “the” leading Argentine export varietal but I also recommend you to go on and try more of the enormous range of product and varieties this amazing country as to offer. From red to white, passing through some delicious fresh rose and several sparkling wines, Argentina features different varietal and the specificity of its unique terroir provides a superb outcome.

My personal experiences working in the wine sector (Wines of Argentina) has been fantastic. I have truly enjoyed being part of this incredible sector and I have had the great honour to come across lots of Wine Makers, Wineries and Wine Enthusiasts. I have been dazzled by the deep passion of the people who make it all possible to achieve these enjoyable and splendid wines. And for one thing I am sure, that Argentine Wines are no longer a keep secret to the World, they will continue expanding and conquering the glasses of consumers worldwide!

Well, I think I have already told you some highlights of this vast and incredible wine producing country…it’s time to raise your glasses and toast with some splendid Argentine Wine. 🙂

Cheers, Salud, Prost!

Ana Stoddart

4 Antworten auf „Gastbeitrag: Ana Stoddart’s focus on Argentine wines!

  1. Dear Ana!
    Thank you very much for this post! It was a great pleasure for me drinking and discussing wines from Argentina with you and my friends from drunkenmonday. Your knowledge about wine is astonishing. Hope to see you again. Take care. Juergen R.

  2. Hi to All,
    Thanks for the post, I had such a lovely time with you all 🙂

    Frohe Weihnachten! – Feliz Navidad! – Merry Xmas!

    The Best for 2011!!!

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